This Running Series kicks off with a weeklong community fitness experience that promotes health, wellness and inclusivity. By incorporating fitness with mind-body health and wellness, registered runners will have the chance to sample a selection of cross-training options at local fitness studios including strength training, spin, yoga and more.

Whether you’re taking a HITT class on Sunday or trying a relaxing Hatha Yoga session on Friday, in the week leading up to HER Race Day, you and your fellow runners will be able to connect during your new forms of fitness, and explore a range studios, all creating a unique community experience that will have you even more motivated and energized when you line up together on Race Day.

On race day runners have the option of participating in either a 5K or 15K distance. Each course weaves along beautifully maintained trails and pathways all within a serenity of an urban park landscape. In addition, a total recovery experience including music and yoga rounding out the day.


Race day is your chance to reap the rewards of your training days. With a 5K or 15K distance,
HER gives runners of all backgrounds the opportunity to challenge themselves to push past
their limits and experience the excitement of crossing the finish line.


Try a class at a variety of yoga studios throughout the city, or hit the Recovery Zone after the race for yoga classes led by instructors from one of the city’s boutique fitness studios.


At HER Race Day, live music will be a part of creating a dynamic atmosphere that’s engaging, exciting and all around electrifying for runners and their cheering squads.

Fitness Classes

In the week leading up to HER Race Day, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a fitness class of your choice. From spin classes to strength training to yoga, this is you chance to discover a new cross-training favourite.

Learn more about HER Race Week Experience in each city by clicking below.

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