Get Involved


HER Running Series believes in creating opportunities for a positive impact in the communities that we run our events. This year, we are thrilled to partner with Rethink Breast Cancer as our official charity of choice.

Rethink Breast Cancer is committed to empowering young people, bringing awareness through education, support and advocacy, and building the next generation of influential breast cancer supporters. By taking a creative and innovative approach to all aspects of breast cancer from community building to fundraising Rethink is changing how many around the world thinks about breast cancer. By creating your personal fundraising page, you can make big changes happen and continue to help grow this influential community.


HER Running Series would not be possible without the dedication and commitment from our team of volunteers.

Individual Volunteer Registration opens in February.

If you have a group or volunteers please contact us directly at


Being a spectator and a cheerleader for your favourite runner is a great way to be part of this event! There’s plenty for residents and visitors to see and enjoy along the course. But just as the runners take time to prepare for this event, you can also prepare and plan ahead for a memorable experience:

  • Review the course map and plan your route. With so many runners, it may be difficult, and at some times, impossible, to cross the course during the race, even on foot.
  • Know your runner’s expected pace per kilometer so you will know when she will be at the different locations on the course.
  • Move around on bicycle or skates and surprise your runner at different locations on the route.
  • Make sure you bring a beach chair or blanket, horns, signs and a great attitude to have fun and become a cheerleader.